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Geraldine largely provides one to one therapy and this can take place within client’s homes, schools or college.

Each session lasts no less than one hour, three quarters of an hour is spent doing therapy and the final 15 minutes is used for feedback.

When requested she will attend team meetings, case and annual reviews as well as providing accompanying reports. This additional work is not included in the hourly fee and will be charged for.

The quantity of therapy is determined by the need of each individual and is reviewed on an ongoing basis with clients and their families. However people are free to end the therapy at any time.

Sessions cancelled without 24 hour notice are always charged for.

For more information please feel free to contact Geraldine

What People Have Said About Geraldine Wotton ...

"I have worked with Geraldine on several occasions with different clients ranging from children with autism, cerebral palsy to adults who had suffered from strokes. Geraldine is unquestionably one of the most able Speech and Language Therapists that I have worked alongside with, and her work with her clients consistently reflects a level of insightfulness and attention to detail that is unique to Geraldine. It was pleasure working with Geraldine with her great sense of humour and vast amount of knowledge and experience in the SLT field."

SM- Student

"Her advice and therapy is immensurable and I would recommend Geraldine to anyone whose child is struggling with speech and language. She supported me as a mother with a child with Autism and helped me to feel positive about the future for our son. She has helped him accomplish things I never thought possible."

Mother of child with autism

"Her years of experience mean she knows how to get the best from my at times very challenging daughter using praise, patience and humour. My daughter has been seeing Geraldine for 7 years and in that time made such progress with her that the difference is noticeable to children of a similar age. This progress is as a result of Geraldine’s skills."

Mother of Daughter with Down Syndrome

"Geraldine has worked with a variety students at North Hertfordshire College to ensure they receive the continued speech and language skills they require to access the curriculum, communicate with their peers and gain further independence skills in communication. The students related well to Geraldine and staff were able to use the strategies suggested throughout the week and feedback on their progress. Geraldine completed all reports and assessments in a timely and professional way and the students benefited from the feedback given. Parents/carers were able to use some of the strategies suggested in the home and reported that obvious improvements were being made by their son/daughter."

Course Co Ordinator for Adults with Learning Needs at North Herts College

"It was an absolute pleasure to see how Geraldine engages with her patients. The holistic and intuitive approach she adopts reflects the vast amount of experience Geraldine has in working with children and adults with a range of communication disabilities. I was inspired by the sheer joy and devotion she demonstrated in her work and it is no wonder her clients are so committed to her."

Student Therapist