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Geraldine qualified in 1987 as a Speech and Language Therapist at City University.

"This was the greatest achievement of my life as nobody expected me to do well at school, never mind get into university."

From there she subsequently went on to hold several high profile clinical teaching and research posts and co-wrote a chapter for a book commissioned by Maggie Fawcus on Group Work Elderly.

In 1989 Geraldine took a post at City University as lead Clinician in the Dysphasic Group and 3rd year Tutor. In 1990 she undertook a 3 year research project for the DOH where, in conjunction with Action for Dysphasic Adults (now Speak ability), Geraldine set up and ran a counselling service in West London for people who had language disorders following strokes.

Geraldine and her co-research colleague Chris Ireland evaluated the service and the results were published in 'Disability and Rehabilitation' (Vol. 18, No.11, November 1996). During this time she also completed a Diploma in Psychological Counselling from the Roehampton Institute. Geraldine then went on to hold posts in Community Clinics in South and East London and then in 1995 she joined the Child Development Team at St Maryís Hospital in Paddington.

In recognition of her contribution to the Training and Development programme within the Paediatric Department she was personally commended by the Consultant Paediatrician at St Maryís, Tom Lissauer, and given a place at the Winnicot Conference at the Royal College of Physicians in 1996.

"I believe that my personal success story is evidence for the magnificent power of human potential. This potential sits in all of us no matter what our ability."

In 1998 Geraldine moved into private practice and now runs a busy full-time practice based in North East London and Essex. She works with both adults and children and with 30 years experience in the field she is especially skilled with the more complex and challenging of our client groups.

"My early struggle with learning means I bring a unique understanding and empathy when working with my clients."

She works closely with parents, spouses, carers' teachers, learning support assistants and other professionals involved. This collaborative approach she believes is vital to the success of the outcome of this work.

Geraldine is committed to a research based ethic as this is vital to achieving a deeper understand of the therapy process and to track the efficacy of the work . She adopts a holistic approach drawing on ideas, strategies and principles from a variety of disciplines. These include speech language therapy, cognitive behavioural psychology, psychotherapy, education and personal development.

"I believe the research we undertake must ultimately examine our work within the crucible of the therapeutic relationship."

Alongside her clinical work, Geraldine provides supervision for newly qualified therapists and those therapists working towards registration. In addition she offers shadowing experience to graduates considering speech therapy as a career. Geraldine attends Special Educational Needs Tribunals as an expert witness and undertakes assessments for clients and legal firms pursuing negligence cases.

Geraldine contributes academically and professionally via her Blog, Face Book page Speech and Language Therapy Liberated, professional publications, practitioner forums as well as making presentations at Conferences.

Geraldine currently chairs the West Essex Independent Practitioners Group.

"I love my job as a speech and language therapist and I never cease to be amazed at the mind's incredible capacity for repairing itself - when encouraged to do so."
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Geraldine Wotton talking about the power of the therapeutic relationship

What People Have Said About Geraldine Wotton ...

"I first met Geraldine when I was 3, I think. When I first met her, Iíd only communicate with her from under a blanket that I was fixated upon. Before I started seeing her, Iíd lost the ability to speak and basically all of my social and communicative skills. Over the next several years, she helped me regain the skills Iíd lost. Iím currently in college, studying a Higher National Diploma in Business. I owe a lot to Geraldine, as with her help Iíve managed to get to where I am now."

David - Client With Aspergers

"I have had the privilege of working closely with Geraldine over a 7 year period. She has tremendous knowledge and experience and is devoted to her profession and the care and development of the children she works with.

Her energy and creativity is infectious, with an amazing capacity to incorporate a child's fascination into their speech therapy enabling them to engage fully.

It has been wonderful to see children blossom and grow in confidence, hearing them learn to articulate and express themselves more clearly. Geraldine embraces the development of the child and the relationships with their families, friends and teachers offering constant encouragement advice and support to all.

I have been incredibly fortunate to work with Geraldine, gaining far more insight into many of the difficulties affecting my pupilís speech, language and development. I have been able to support my pupils more effectively by incorporating many of the strategies Geraldine uses throughout their school day so that their progress is on-going.

I would recommend Geraldine to any of my students in need of Speech support, indeed, she would be my first port of call if I required support for a member of my own family."

Rebecca - Learning Support Assistant and Colleague