Case Studies

A collection of Geraldine's case studies highlighting effective practice in speech, language and communication.

Dysphasic adult following stroke

K was 42 when she had her stroke and at the time she held a high profile position in a major finance company. When K came to me the residual effects of the stroke was relatively minor. However because of the nature of Ks work her language skills were critical ...

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Child autism spectrum disorder

G was 4 years old when her mum came to see me. G came with a possible diagnosis of autism. Her mother was desperate to get help for her daughter who she feared the system and services had already written off as beyond help or improvement ..

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Teenager with Specific Language Disorder

N was 14 when I began working with him. His mother asked me to see him after she had become increasingly worried about the problems her son was experiencing at school and in his personal development because of difficulties he had with speech and language ...

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What People Have Said About Geraldine Wotton ...

"I have worked with Geraldine on several occasions with different clients ranging from children with autism, cerebral palsy to adults who had suffered from strokes. Geraldine is unquestionably one of the most able Speech and Language Therapists that I have worked alongside with, and her work with her clients consistently reflects a level of insightfulness and attention to detail that is unique to Geraldine. It was pleasure working with Geraldine with her great sense of humour and vast amount of knowledge and experience in the SLT field."

SM - Student

"It was an absolute pleasure to see how Geraldine engages with her patients. The holistic and intuitive approach she adopts reflects the vast amount of experience Geraldine has in working with children and adults with a range of communication disabilities. I was inspired by the sheer joy and devotion she demonstrated in her work and it is no wonder her clients are so committed to her."

Student Therapist